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Startup Saturdays - Podcast 1 - StartupMall

StartupWize interviews founders of StartupMall ( – Dimpesh, CEO of StartupMall, and Santosh, CTO of StartupMall.  StartupMall has figured it how to launch their product. In this podcast, we will dig deeper into their lessons in going from Zero to One. Listen to this episode to hear how they built a team and product. Find more on and

Hosts: Dr. Abhiram Singamsetti – Co-founder of , Neha Reddy Nalla – Founder of


Startup Saturdays - Podcast 2 - Glint Logics

This week, in Startup Saturdays we explore the journey of Glint Logics from the eyes of Mohit Bhalgat, CEO of Glint Logic. We start with how the idea started, how it went from the idea stage to a revenue-making startup. 

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