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Pitch Deck is not just your business specifics, graphs, numbers and data. It is the philosophy behind your venture. It is your story. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your Pitch Decks catch the attention of and connect to the investors and create a lasting impact. 


A masterfully created Pitch Deck is aesthetically pleasing and intrigues the viewer at a glance. It focuses on the various aspects and intricate details that Investors crave and connects to your story in a pleasing yet powerful way. This connects the viewer not only to the project but also to you and your idea behind the venture.

Often ill-prepared Pitch Decks miss out on details or don’t account for crucial factors that are avoidable, given proper guidance and experience. Therefore, we at StartupWize have created a foolproof methodology to focus on details that complement your pitch and add upon the existing idea using alluring design templates personalized for your startup.

Why get a startupwize

Pitch Deck

Fortune favours the most prepared. So do your investors. When you approach your potential investors, especially when reaching out to them, cold, you have one chance to generate interest. Your deck tells the story of your startup to investors even before you do. Make sure that you are telling a compelling story with StartupWIze.

Save Time

Perfect pitch decks take time for creation but effectively saves time in getting results. Our designers, analysts, and consultants bring their experience of working with successful startups to help you put your best slide forward.

Be Investor Ready

Our tested creation process addresses the most common points that investors look for in a pitch deck. We not only bring great visual quality to your presentations but we also add deep fundraising and investment banking experience.

It’s time to invest in marketing strategy services and take your business success to the next level.

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What To Expect in Our Pitch Deck Services

Our Pitch Deck services include but not limited to:

Meticulous Storytelling

Let visuals and the data tell your story before you do. Make a powerful impression to connect with investors.

Professional Consulting

Get Big4-grade presentations with professional content and design. Communicate your startup story with authority.

Reliable Research

Thorough market research to back your assumptions with data from credible sources to show your authority

Compelling Visuals

Designs that capture and captivate with a constant feedback loop. Editable file with full rights to make changes even at the last minute to tell your accurate story.

Pitch Feedback and Support

Suggestions and feedback on the use of language and presentation of data. Get our expertise on your side to position your startup as a great investment opportunity.

We Derive the Key Metrics

We derive the key that would help investors understand the business model, traction, and potential of your startup. Be ready to raise Series A or Early-stage funding.

What Makes

StartupWize Different

We have been serving clients from 15+ industries delivering him the results with customised marketing campaigns. Here are what makes our team different

In pitching your idea, it’s often your story that captivates and convinces. We focus on that.

Whatever we create for you, they belong to you.

The Pitch Deck complements your pitch. We know this and keep it in mind through constant touchpoints with you.

We take care of things and work as an extended team.

Whatever your concern is, be it graphic design or content, you will have a dedicated person to handle communications.

You will have constant touchpoints for discussing inferences and feedback to build upon the Pitch

The Types of Pitch Decks We Offer

But not limited to:

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General Question

The pitch deck is a presentation that entrepreneurs put together to present during meetings with potential investors, customers, partners, and co-founders. In essence, the pitch deck is a visual summary of the business plan.

It might. It’s important to note that you have to do tons of prior research to build your Pitch Deck, sequence it and decide on what data is to be presented. This takes up a lot of time. Our services not only cut down on time but also takes care of much of the research through our experience.

Your pitch deck is a reflection of your idea. Your story. Therefore its necessary for us to understand your mentality regarding your startup and your vision for the same. We will also be extensively working on market research, viability and your business model canvas to migrate to eye-catchy and enchanting presentations.

Again, this might work. However, it is important to understand that your project, your story is unique to you. And therefore, it is hard for one to fit your project, idea, startup into some pre existing template. Moreover, it is necessary for you to include crucial details and elaborate on key points that are overlooked and not expanded upon in templates and free websites. Why don’t you give us a call;  we’d be happy to show you the essence of Pitch Deck creation and you can then decide whether you want to use the service or not.

We have excellent graphic designers in our team that will personalize your project for you. As such there is no need for extensive designing knowledge to edit words in the Deck. However, you will need basic designing skills to edit the graphics of the Pitch Deck once it’s handed over to you.

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