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Financial Projections

Seal the Deal with Thorough Financial Projections and Impressive Metrics

We Ensure to Prevent You a Lot of Struggle in Trial and Error

Investors seek robust and qualitative financial projections and analysis to examine your Startup’s viability. They often include different scenarios to see how changes to one aspect of your finances might affect your profitability. Therefore, we must focus on critical metrics and elaborate our projections while being efficient.


Just putting down your business plan won’t do the trick. It’s necessary that we present our short term and mid-term projections and thus set our milestones for the investors to gauge and give quick feedback on. Variations in the forecast provide early warning of problems and the opportunity to make corrections.

At startupWize, we absolutely believe in delivering detailed and competitive projections compiled to convince. We also study the financials ourselves to see if we can build upon it and keep in constant touch with you, a 180-degree feedback loop. This also helps you prepare your pitch with a deeper understanding, given the additional insights we provide.

Why You Need

Financial Projections

Numbers speak a lot more than words or graphics. They help in making better decisions in your business

More Informed Decisions

The facts and data in financial projections allow you to make more informed business decisions. Monthly financial forecast allows you to plan your next steps in relation to funding, operations, and budgeting.

Secure Funding

The financial projections provide insight into the past, allowing you to analyse which factors had the most significant impact on revenue and sales which in fact helps you in securing funding.

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What We Offer in Financial Projection Services

Our financial projections services include but are not limited to:

Balance Sheet

Presents a picture of your business's net worth at a particular time. We use robust techniques that look into historical data and estimates from key factors

Income Statement

Inform the profitability of your business. Extensive research and evaluation of your business to determine key areas of interest to make better decisions

Cash-flow statement

Gauge how well your startup generates cash. We use current and past data to track cash flows which accentuates your cash generation ability.

Aesthetic Use of Data

Designs that capture and convince. Clever use of key metrics and data presentation tools to better convey your financials with editable files with full rights

What Makes

StartupWize Different

We have been serving clients from 15+ industries delivering him the results with customised marketing campaigns. Here are what makes our team different

We believe in detailed analysis and constant feedback

Whatever we create for you, they belong to you.

We give suggestions and maintain a dedicated feedback loop

We work as an extended team.

Whatever your concern is, you will have a dedicated person to handle communications.

You will have constant touchpoints with us for discussing inferences and feedback to build upon the business plan.

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General Question

Financial projections use existing or estimated financial data to forecast a business’s future income and expenses. They often include different scenarios so you can see how changes to one aspect of your finances might affect your profitability.

The financial projections translate a company’s goals into specific targets and establish milestones for gauging progress.

Financial Projections help to give a clear picture of your short and mid term goals. This is especially necessary when you are pitching your startup to investors. They also help gauge the financial viability of your startup through thorough analysis and key metrics that may also help you weed out problems and inefficiencies in your business.

We work as an extension of your team. Therefore, there’d be periodic updates on the work that we do for your team, alongside our own inferences, suggestions, and plans for the immediate future. All of this will be facilitated by the Financial Manager for your project, who will act as your exclusive POC. Through this channel, we will be communicating feedback.

We do understand that many times, the startup is in the very initial stages and there is no meaningful data before financial projections are made. Therefore, we require your business model and market research, through which we will be able to project the financial metrics of your startup and its different ventures. Any more information is an added bonus.

Financial Projections add a sense of expertise to your presentation and accentuate the viability of your project thus reassuring the investors. This also helps you, as a founder to learn more, make informed amends to your project and give a thorough and clear pitch to the investors.

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